Pie – The Cherry Type

IMG_20160404_111546It’s the simple things that bring me joy.  For instance, I really like pie. Sugar cream. Apple. Lemon Meringue. Rhubarb. Peach – Oh, I love Peach Pie. Pecan. And then there’s Key lime.

While I’ll eat it if it’s placed in front of me, not every pie floats my dessert boat. For instance, you can keep your Blueberry, Chess and Blackberry.

But Cherry pie; sweet, luscious, succulent, decadent, mouthwatering, yummy, amazing cherry pie, is the one I flip for. That’s the pie for me and every time it’s served, whether straight up or Ala-mode, I’m there, fork in hand, ready to dig right in.

Today I am thankful for pie…But especially the cherry type.

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