Wise Owl

IMG_20170411_202110_472You’ve probably heard them before, perhaps late at night or as the sun slowly sets. They are in age-old forests and at the edges of neighborhoods. Barred Owl have a wonderful call. “Who-Cooks-For-You? Who-Cooks-For-YOOUUU?

While walking near our home the other evening, we happened upon a wise friend sitting in a tree near our path. It didn’t fly away at our approach. It didn’t seek safety from these intruders. Instead, it looked down on us from its perch. It rotated its head only to ensure its eyes were fixed upon us. Only after I took too many steps toward its tree did it finally fly away and at a distance we were able to enjoy the wonderful call.

One of my favorite times in the woods is as the sun begins to rise. Owls of all kinds call to one another. Barred, Screech, and Great Horned Owls all make their presence known. But any opportunity to hear an owl is a gift. Seeing one in the early evening is a wonder and a joy. And for that, I’m very grateful.

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